The Christian Education Department is a division of the Churches of Christ in Christian Union, with headquarters in Circleville, OH.

Our Mission

The Christian Education Department exists to come alongside the local church in practical ways that assist them in producing the outcomes expressed or implied in the Great Commandment and the Great Commission. This can be boiled down to two overarching challenges: 1. Loving God, with all or heart, mind, soul and strength. 2. Loving people enough to do whatever is necessary to enable them to realize a heart relationship with Jesus that conforms them to His image and matures them into fully functioning believers.


Our Vision

We envision this department becoming creative in finding ways to work cooperatively, sharing resources and succeeding together. We anticipate the day when a district sense of unity will prevail as we realize we are on the same team in the Kingdom of God. We look forward to sharing a sense of adventure as we come together to accomplish things we could never do alone. I envision all levels of leadership working cooperatively to raise up churches with purpose, focus and intention that produce fruit that will remain throughout eternity.


Our Board Members

Dr. Connie Bowman Chairperson 2026
Dr. Larry Olson   2024
Mrs. Peggy Duvall   2020
Mrs. Sally Case   2026
Mr. Ed Carriere Northeast District Representative 2025
Rev. Tim Marhoover South Central District Representative 2025
Rev. Joy Stanforth West Central District Representative 2024
Sister Maudlyn James West Indies District Representative 2023



Rev. Tim Marhoover(2025) Chairperson Dr. Connie Bowman(2025) Chairperson
Emily Buchanan(2024)   Joy Stanforth (2024)
Cheryl Ann Brown (2023)   Jodie Truex(2023)
Mr. Ed Carrier(2025) Chairperson Sister Maudlyn James (2023) Chairperson
Jenille Harrison(2023)  
Mary Ann Grate (2024)  

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