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Go to the cedept.com.cedept


Click on the amazon whispercast slider.




You will be directed to the page to your right.  Please answer and/or enter all pertinent information.  This allows me to know what group to classify each individual into, so you receive the proper resources.cedept 1

*Make sure you click the send button.  Once you have hit send you will see a message appear at the bottom of the screen.cedept 4






inbox emailMoments later you will receive an email from the CE DEPT that looks like the following. Check your spam or junk email box, if you do not see it.



email 2Open the email and click on the link in blue.





You will be redirected to sign in or create an account with amazon.  This needs to be the logon information for your kindle app.  You will need to create one if you do not have one.whispercast 1


Check the box to agree to receive  content from the CE DEPT and click “Accept Invitation”Whispercast 4You will receive the following message.

Thank YouIf you have not used the Kindle Library before you will need to select Manage Your Whispercast Membership


select “Back to Manage Your Kindle”

selectyou will be directed back to amazon.com  Select “Your Device” (circled in picture below)

manage deviceSelect “Free Kindle reading App”

free appenter your email address and click “send link”


Check your email for an email entitled

Access Thousands of Free eBooks with the Kindle App

Select “Download the free Kindle App.

download appYour download will begin. Once finished a new window will appear seleck “OK”

new kindle

Your Kindle Library will open.


Select Tools in the tabs and select Manage Your Device

man kindle

Choose The Settings Tab, as shown Below


Scroll down to DEVICE SYNCHRONIZATION (WHISPERSYNC SETTINGS) Make sure whispersync is in the on position

snycOnce this has been completed.  Any books purchased will automatically be downloaded to your library.