Adventure in Discipleship (Notebook) D A 00100
Building a Person After God's Own Heart  (5 audio cassettes) D B 00200
Building Believers (Notebook) D B 00300
Developing Disciples (7 audio cassettes D D 00400
Disciple Making Church– Bill Hull –(Book) D D 00500
Disciple Making Pastor– Bill Hull – (Book) D D 00600
Discipleship Training: A Venture in Learning & Accountability-leader's guide D D 00700
Guiding the Spiritual Growth of a Discipled Child D G 00800
Hook Onto Jesus (2 video tapes by Mark Beeson, messages D H 00900
Living Proof-Discipleship Training:  A Venture in Learning & Accountability D L 01000
Make Your Move-Developing Your Lay Ministry (4 audio cassettes and outline) D M 01100
Master's Plan for Making Disciples (Outline & Book) D M 01200
Miracle of LIFE CHANGE- (4 DVDs and 1 workbook)  D M 01300
Timothy Discipleship Ministry (1 video) D T 01400
10 Marks of I.N.C.R.E.D.I B.L.E. Teachers – Notebook   S X 01500
10 Sunday Schools That Dared to Change   S X 01600
15 Minute Teacher Training (2 cassettes & outline; ages 2-5)   S X 01700
15 Minute Teacher Training (2 cassettes & outline; grades 1-6)   S X 01800
154 Steps to Revitalize your Sunday School and Keep Your Church Growing (2 videos & notebook) S X 01900
32 Ways to Become a Great Sunday School Teacher - Delia Halve   S X 02000
7 Laws of The Learner ( 7 videos, text, workbook) S X 02100
7 Laws of The Teacher (7 videos, text, workbook)   S X 02200
A Wonderful Place For Babies at Church (notebook and video)   S A 02300
Building Blocks of a Successful Sunday School Program for Youth   S B 02400
Child Safety Program (A Comprehensive System to Help Evaluate Your Programs & Screen Staff S C 02500
Children’s Sermons – Book   S C 02600
Children’s Sermons-Book   S C 02700
Christian Ed. Handbook - Bruce Powers   S C 02800
Christian Education in the Small Church   S C 02900
Christian Educators Handbook   S C 03000
Church at Study-Sunday School Ministry in the 1990's   S C 03100
Complete Guide to Starting and Evaluating a Children’s Ministry - Herb Owen  -Book, Notebook and 3 audio cassettes   S C 03200
Creative Teaching Methods - Marlene D. Lefever   S C 03300
Design for Teaching Children-Grades 1 through 6 (1 video & notebook)   S D 03400
Design for Teaching young Children-Pre-school & Nursery (1 video & notebook)   S D 03500
Developing Christian Education in the Small Church   S D 03600
Dorothee-The Silent Teacher (non-fiction)   S D 03700
Educational Ministry of a Church - Charles A. Tidwell   S E 03800
Every Season Kid Pleasin Children’s Sermons – Book   S E 03900
Fabulous Reinvention of Sunday School - Book   S F 04000
F.A.C.T.S. About Doubling Classes   S F 04100
Funtastic Kid Crafts – Book   S F 04200
Go & Grow ( 365 Winning Ways to Energize Your Adult Sunday School Class)   S G 04300
Good Sam the Samaritan - 1 cd   S G 04400
Growing a Healthy Children’s Ministry – Notebook   S G 04500
Growing Adults on Sunday Morning - Nurturing Community through Adult Bible  S G 04600
Growing Your Sunday School in the 90's (3 videos & workbook)   S G 04700
Growth Principles & Methods for Adult SS Classes (1 video & outline)   S G 04800
Help I’m a Sunday School Teacher – Book S H 04900
How to be the Best Sunday School Teacher You Can Be   S H 05000
How to Become a Better Teacher   S H 05100
How to Change Lives in S. S. (1 video)   S H 05200
How to Discipline Children (1 video)   S H 05300
How to Go to Multiple Sunday Schools (Stan Toler) Video and Notebook   S H 05400
How to Have a Great Sunday School - Wes & Sheryl Haystead   S H 05500
How To Lead a Child to Christ (1 video)   S H 05600
How to Overcome S. S. Growth Barriers by Ken Hemphill (notebook & 3 cassettes)   S H 05700
How to Recruit Teachers (1 video)   S H 05800
How to Talk with a Young Child (1 video)   S H 05900
How to Teach Kids using Guided Conversation (grades 1 - 6, 1 video)   S H 06000
How to Teach so Children Learn (1 video)   S H 06100
How to Teach Young Children about God (1 video)   S H 06200
How to Win Friends and Influence - (Dale Carnegie) (8 tapes & book)   S H 06300
Introduction to Christian Education   S I 06400
Laws of Successful Biblical Sunday School Growth ( 5 cassettes & outline)   S L 06500
More Than Sunday School   S M 06600
My Father's Names-(Group Study Guide, Book, Two Videos)   S M 06700
Names of the Holy Spirit-(Group Study Guide, Book ,Two Videos)   S N 06800
Paper Capers – Book   S P 06900
Revitalizing The Sunday Morning Dinosaur - Ken Hemphill   S R 07000
Solving Church Education's Ten Toughest Problems   S S 07100
Strategies for Growth ( 2 videos & outline) S S 07200
Sunday School Done Right! S S 07300
Sunday School Promo Pages   S S 07400
Sunday School Smart Pages   S S 07500
Teacher Training Series (3 videos; Understanding The Learner, Discovering Bible Truth,  S T 07600
Teachers are Made, Not Born   S T 07700
Teaching Adults With Confidence (text, outline & transparencies)   S T 07800
Teaching Children in The Church ( 5 graded videos & leaders guide)   S T 07900
Teaching Elementary Children With Confidence (text, outline & transparencies) S T 08000
Teaching Insights -Elementary level (1 four session video & leader's guide)   S T 08100
Teaching Insights-Building Blocks for a Successful Sunday School (1 six session video & leader's guide) S T 08200
Teaching Kids to Care & Share-Book   S T 08300
Teaching Preschoolers With Confidence (text, outline & transparencies)   S T 08400
Teaching Techniques    S T 08500
Teaching Techniques for Church Education   S T 08600
Teaching to Change Lives   S T 08700
Teaching to Influence Lives - 4 audio cassettes. 1 diskette, workbook   S T 08800
Teaching to Make a Difference (2 videos, leader's guide, workbook & 1 audio cassette)   S T 08900
Teaching With Style (6 Videos, leader's guide & workbook)   S T 09000
Teaching Youth With Confidence (text, outline & transparencies)   S T 09100
Towns' Sunday School Encyclopedia by Elmer Towns   S T 09200
Training When Meeting-Developing & Enriching Teacher Staff - Part 1   S T 09300
Training When Meeting-Developing & Enriching Teacher Staff - Part 2   S T 09400
Troubleshooting Guide to Christian Education – John R. Cionca   S T 09500
Understanding Teaching   S U 09600
What a Sunday School Can Mean to a Child (1 cassette)   S W 09700
What Every Sunday School Teacher Should Know - Book   S W 09800
What Every Sunday School Teacher Should Know( Video) Elmer Towns   S W 09900
Why Nobody Learns Much at Church & How to Fix It (1 video)   S W 10000
Workshop Rotation – (Book and CD and Magazine) S W 10100
You Can Be An Effective S.S. Superintendent   S Y 10200
You Can Double Your Class in Two Years or Less (Book by Josh Hunt)   S Y 10300
You Can Double Your Sunday School Class in 2 Years by Josh Hunt   S Y 10400
You Can Teach with Success   S Y 10500
40 Days of Faith – Nelson Searcy (7 CD's) G X 10600
40 Days With Jesus -Nelson Searcy (9 CD's) G X 10700
An Ordinary Day with Jesus - (Video, CD, Participants Guide & Leader’s Guide) G A 10800
Beginning Life Together (CD and workbook) G B 10900
Building a Church of Small Groups - Zondervan   G B 11000
Character Tour of the Old Testament Nelson Searcy (7 CD's) G C 11100
Chasing Daylight – DVD’s, Book, Workbook, Leader’s Guide G C 11200
Child in Each of Us (Workbook)    G C 11300
Christmas in Narnia -Nelson Searcy (5 CD's) G C 11400
Connecting with God’s Family (CD and workbook) G C 11500
Creed - Nelson Searcy(7 CD's) G C 11600
Dealing With Discouragements - John Maxwell (outline and 6 audio cassettes) G D 11700
Elevate –Eight Week Bible Study for 20 an 30 year olds (4 dvd’s) G E 11800
Genesis Tapes (12 Audio Tapes) by Ken Ham   G G 11900
God on Film – Nelson Searcy - (9 CD's) G G 12000
God on Film 2004 – Nelson Searcy (9 CD's) G G 12100
God on Film 2005 – Nelson Searcy (9 CD's) G G 12200
Grinch: Enlarging My Heart - Nelson Searcy (4 CD's) G G 12300
How Big is God? J. Maxwell (outline & 7 audio cassettes) G H 12400
How to Live a Satisfying Life in a Difficult World J. Maxwell (outline & 4 audio cassettes) G H 12500
Invisible War – (3 DVD’s Leader’s Guide, and Workbooks) G I 12600
Life 360 - Friendship, Finances, Faith, Freedom - Nelson Searcy (6 CD's) G L 12700
My Father's Names -(Group Study Guide, Book and 2 Video tapes) G M 12800
Names of the Holy Spirit - Elmer Towns (Group Study Guide, Book and 2 video) G N 12900
New Life Study-A Study for New Believers (7 audio cassettes & outline)   G N 13000
Power of Total Surrender – (4 videos) G P 13100
Purpose Driven Life Small Group Series ((1 DVD and Booklet) G P 13200
Seeking Solid Ground -(2 videos - Study Guide) John Trent, Rick Hicks   G S 13300
Sharing Your Life Mission Every Day (CD and workbook) G S 13400
Stop Child Abuse Before It Happens - (Notebook with video and diskette)  G S 13500
Success... What Is It? (John Maxwell 4 audio cassettes and outline) G S 13600
Survival Guide for Adults - (5 videos by Normal Wright) G S 13700
Testing of Your Faith -(6 video series)   G T 13800
Thank God It's Monday -Nelson Searcy (CD's 7) G T 13900
Through the Bible in a Year - Children's Bible Study Series   G T 14000
What the Bible is All About (book & group study guide)   G W 14100
What the Bible is All About New Testament (Group Study Guide) G W 14200
What the Bible is All About Old Testament (Group Study Guide) G W 14300
What the Bible is All About Old Testament Job through Malachi (Group Study Guide) G W 14400
ABC's of Stewardship (4 audio cassettes & outline)   W A 14500
Biblical Stewardship - (DVD and leaders's guide)   W B 14600
Building Buildings and Raising Money - Notebook, 4 audio cassettes   W B 14700
Debt Free Pastor - Nelson Searcy - (1 CD)  W D 14800
Financial Freedom - outline, 32 audio cassettes, diskette   W F 14900
From Victory to Victory – Video Tape and Book   W F 15000
Funding Your Church Plant - Nelson Searcy (1 CD) W F 15100
Generous Church ToolKit - (DVD, CD Leader's Guide, The Treasure Principle Book) W G 15200
God's Doing It Again (5 audio cassettes & outline)   W G 15300
Good Sense Budget Course, Counselor Training, Guide, Video, Leader’s W G 15400
Jesus Teaches Stewardship (4 audio cassettes)   W J 15500
Let It Begin With Me (4 audio cassettes)   W L 15600
Master Your Money (6 videos, text book  & leader's guide)   W M 15700
Maximum Generosity Church by Brian Kluth - (2 videos, 3 audio cassettes )   W M 15800
Proven Principles for Successful Stewardship by John Maxwell (6 cassettes and outline). W P 15900
Sermons on Stewardship (5 audio cassettes)   W S 16000
Steward Tips - (outlines)   W S 16100
Stewards Together (5 audio cassettes & outline)   W S 16200
Stewardship is a Choice ( 4 audio cassettes & outline)   W S 16300
Stewardship is Lordship ( 4 audio cassettes & outline)   W S 16400
Stewardship Seminar - Nelson Search (3 CD's) W S 16500
Stewardship Sermons - (6 CD's) W S 16600
Stewardship: The Missing Piece to Successful Living ( 4 audio cassettes & outline)   W S 16700
Stewardship-It's a Matter of Trust ( 4 audio cassettes & outline)   W S 16800
Successful Stewardship - John Maxwell - Partcipants Guide and 2 videos   W S 16900
Tithe and Offering Scriptures (Volume 1, 2, 3) - Church Growth Institute   W T 17000
What’cha Gonna Do With What’cha Got? - 4 audio cassettes   W W 17100
Word for the Wealthy, Successful Missionary Support Raising & Christian Fundraising Resource Kit   W W 17200
6 Spiritual Gifts Assessments (booklet)   P X 17300
Discovering Your Gifts (notebook)   P D 17400
Living Beyond Myself – (WillowCreek – (CD’s and Participant Guide)   P L 17500
Make Your Move (4 cassettes, guide)   P M 17600
Masterplan for Ministry (Tim Elmore & John Maxwell  4 videos, Pastor’s Handbook and Ministry Guide)       P M 17700
Ministry Descriptions from Willow Creek Community Church (notebook)   P M 17800
Mobilizing Laity for Ministry (notebook & manual)   P M 17900
Mobilizing Spiritual Gifts Series-Leader's Kit (video & Resource Manuals)   P M 18000
Network Kit (videos, participant's guide, leader's guide, consultant's guide, overhead)   P N 18100
Networking-Equipping Those who are Seeking to Serve (manual & handbook)   P N 18200
Positive Living - Nelson Searcy - Nelson Searcy (5 CD's)  P P 18300
Spiritual Gifts for Building the Body (2 audio cassettes, outline & books-Gifts of The Spirit  P S 18400
100 Lessons on Leadership - (103 audio cassettes 1 notebook with outline)   L X 18500
1992 Leadership 2000 Conference (11 audio cassettes)   L X 18600
21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership - (John Maxwell, book, video, audio, student guide L X 18700
21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership (Book). L X 18800
360 Leader ( Kit, Participant Guide, Leader’s Guide, DVD’s) L X 18900
60 Simple Secrets Every Pastor Should Know – Book   L X 19000
Answers to Life's Difficult Questions (book)   L A 19100
Becoming a Leader (outline, text & 4 audio cassettes)   L B 19200
Becoming a Man of God's Word - John Maxwell Promise Keepers in Houston   L B 19300
Best of Leaders Idea Bank   L B 19400
Breakout Churches- (Thom S. Rainer) Book   L B 19500
Brokenness - John Maxwell Promise Keepers in Seattle   L B 19600
Building Church Leaders (Notebook) David Goetz   L B 19700
Church Consultant (CD ROM) Lyle E. Schaller   L C 19800
Coaches Handbook - Willow Creek   L C 19900
Coaching:Essential Skills for Leadership Development (cassette, leader's guide & outline L C 20000
Communicating to Change Lives - John Maxwell (Workbook, 2 videos, 4 cassettes) L C 20100
Contemporary Pastor (book) L C 20200
Dad, the Family Coach-How to Build Teamwork & Team Spirit at home (book)   L D 20300
Dad, the Family Counselor-How to Help Your Children Feel Confident & Secure  (book) L D 20400
Dealing with Inactive Members ( 1 video & outline) L D 20500
Decision Making-The first step toward making things happen! (6 cassettes & outline)   L D 20600
Defining Moments - Willow Creek Audio Journal from Willow Creek - (24 cassettes)   L D 20700
Developing a Vision for Ministry in the 21st Century (book)   L D 20800
Developing Highly Effective Leaders ( 12 audio cassettes & outline)   L D 20900
Developing Leaders After God's Own Heart by John Maxwell -  L D 21000
Developing Leaders to make a Difference by John Maxwell  L D 21100
Developing the Leader WITHIN You (Kit) L D 21200
Developing the Leaders Around You - John Maxwell   L D 21300
Developing The Leaders Around You by John Maxwell (2 cassettes)   L D 21400
Developing the Teacher in You - Respond to the Call with Your All   L D 21500
Discipline Guide – Book   L D 21600
Doing Church as a Leader – (Wayne Cordeiro – Book)   L D 21700
Dynamic Bible Study Methods   L D 21800
Eight Laws of Leadership - (Notebook, Video & Audio Cassettes)   L E 21900
Extraordinary Leaders Seminar (Chris Widener 13 CD’s)   L E 22000
Fasting for Spiritual Break Through – Elmer Towns   L F 22100
Focus on Administration, A Handbook for Leaders (book)   L F 22200
Four Skills Seminary Never Taught Me - John Maxwell (outline, audio cassettes)   L F 22300
Good News from Great Leaders - (book) Robert D. Dale   L G 22400
Guarding the Flame:  Accountability - John Maxwell Promise Keepers in Atlanta   L G 22500
Heart of a Great Pastor-(Book) L H 22600
Heart of Leadership - Robert E Staub, II   L H 22700
High Definition Living - Nelson Searcy (6 CD's) L H 22800
How to be a More Effective Church Leader - Norman Shawchuck (notebook 1 cassette) L H 22900
How To Fail Forward - John Maxwell (audio cassette)   L H 23000
How to Handle Conflict & Change ( 8 audio cassettes & notebook) L H 23100
How to Manage Conflict in the Church - Norman Shawchuck  (Notebook, 1 cassette) L H 23200
Increase Your Personal Impact Seminar - (4 audio cassettes) Dan Webster   L I 23300
Influence-Leadership is the ability to influence others! ( 8 audio cassettes & outline) L I 23400
Inviting Volunteers to Minister – John Cionca   L I 23500
Jesus Brings Salvation (notebook)   L J 23600
Joshua's Men by John Maxwell (Notebook - 12 audio cassettes)   L J 23700
Leader & the Assistant (notebook & cassette tapes)   L L 23800
Leadership Development Seminar -(6 audio cassettes, notebook)  L L 23900
Leadership Development Through S.E.R.V.I.C.E. (book)   L L 24000
Leadership Video Seminar by Daniel Brown (4 videos & workbook) L L 24100
Leadership When the Heat’s On - Danny Cox & John Hoover   L L 24200
Leading the Way (4 videos, notebook outline, transparencies)   L L 24300
Learning Leadership from Leaders (8 audio cassettes & outline)   L L 24400
Leave Your Jacket (Sexual Purity) John Maxwell Promise Keeper in Indianapolis L L 24500
Less is More Leadership – H. Dale Burke (Book)   L L 24600
Living at the Next Level - John Maxwell   L L 24700
Look Back Leap Forward (Book)         L L 24800
Making of a Church Leader ( 2 audio cassettes)   L M 24900
Making of a Leader - Dr. J. Robert Clinton   L M 25000
Making the Small Church Effective - Carl S. Dudley   L M 25100
Man of His Word - (video tapes, workbooks, Leaders Guide, 3 audio cassettes) L M 25200
Man to Man (Notebook and audio cassettes) John Maxwell   L M 25300
Ministry Planning & Goal Setting - (Notebook) Dr. Ted Engstrom   L M 25400
Ministry Planning & Goal Setting (1 video)   L M 25500
New Time Power-Discover How to Increase Your Productivity without Sacrificing your own Values & Personal Life (6 audio cassettes, guidebook & planning guide) L N 25600
On a Hill Too Far Away (book)   L O 25700
One Hour with God - John Maxwell    L O 25800
Pair in Your Parsonage (book)   L P 25900
Personal Growth –(notebook, 2 videos, 2 audio cassettes)   L P 26000
Planning a One Year Preaching Calendar - Nelson Searcy (1 CD) L P 26100
Planning Worship Services for Life Transformation - Nelson Searcy (6 CD's) L P 26200
Power to Change Your Life (book)   L P 26300
Prepare Your Church for the Future - Carl F. George   L P 26400
Preparing The Church Board For Effective Leadership (3 audio cassettes & outline) L P 26500
Principle Centered Church – Notebook and 2 videos   L P 26600
Priorities-The Pathway to Success ( 1 video & notebook outline) L P 26700
Purpose Driven Church - (book & audio cassettes) L P 26800
Reality Leadership – (John Maxwell- Leader Guide and 4 videos)   L R 26900
Reality Leadership –(16 audio cassettes and workbook)     L R 27000
Recruiting, Training & Developing Volunteer Adult Workers   L R 27100
Revival Fire by Wesley Duewel (book)   L R 27200
Science of Self-Confidence - 6 audio tapes   L S 27300
Seize The Day ..Your Church Can Thrive! (book) L S 27400
Senior Pastor Profile - How to be a Successful Senior Pastor - Bobb Biehl & John Maxwell (Workbook and 6 audio cassettes)   L S 27500
Shepherding the Small Church - Glenn Daman   L S 27600
Simple Steps To Impossible Dreams (8 audio cassettes and outline)   L S 27700
Small Church is Different - Lyle E. Schaller   L S 27800
Strategy Seminar - Nelson Searcy (3 CD's) L S 27900
Talent is Not Enough – (Book) L S 28000
Telling Stories to Touch the Heart - How to use Stories to Communicate God's Truth   L S 28100
The Worship Leader’s Training Course (2 notebooks, 12 audio cassettes, 2 outlines) L W 28200
To Dream Again (book)   L T 28300
Today's Pastor by George Barna (book)   L T 28400
Training of a Leader - Dr. Charles Lake (18 week training outline)   L T 28500
Transitioning with Integrity - (John Maxwell  1 video, 6 audio cassettes and notebook)   L T 28600
Turn Around Strategies for the Small Church - Ron Crandall   L T 28700
Unleashing The Lay Potential   L U 28800
Vision of The Leader – (4 videos, Leaders Guide, workbook)   L V 28900
Vision- The Process of Passing it On (6 audio cassettes & notebook outline)   L V 29000
Volunteers That Stick – Book   L V 29100
What to Look For in a Leader - John Maxwell (audio cassette)   L W 29200
What’s True Worship-Warren W. Wiersbe - Book        L W 29300
Which Chair Do You Sit In? - John Maxwell Promise Keepers in Dallas   L W 29400
Why Leaders Can’t Lead - Warren Bennis   L W 29500
Why Nobody Learns Much at Church & How to Fix It   L W 29600
Why You Do What You Do by Bobb Biehl (book)   L W 29700
Work Matters - Nelson Searcy ( 8 CD's) L W 29800
Worship Leaders’ Training Course ( 6 audio tapes, Training Course Notebook)   L W 29900
You & Your Bible - An Introduction to the Word   L Y 30000
You Don’t need a TITLE to be Leader (Book) L Y 30100
ABC's of Evangelism by Stan Toler (Workbook 2 audio cassettes)   E A 30200
Abraham Prayer Ministry ( 1 video)   E A 30300
Andrew Evangelism Ministry ( 1 video) E A 30400
Alpha Course - Nicky Gumbel - 5 Videos - Plus Leader’s Video and How to Run a Alpha Course - 2 videos   E A 30500
Baby Boomers- Reaching the Unchurched (4 cassettes & notebook outline)   E B 30600
Barnabus Friendship Ministry ( 1 video)   E B 30700
Building a Contagious Church - 2 audio cassette tapes   E B 30800
Building a Contagious Church - book   E B 30900
Church in a Changing Culture, George Barna- video seminar, notebook & guidebook E C 31000
Church Marketing-Breaking Ground for the Harvest by George Barna (book)   E C 31100
Churches That Pray by C. Peter Wagner (2 videos & syllabus)   E C 31200
Coping with Anxiety ( 2 videos)   E C 31300
Contagious Christian - (1video, leader’s guide & participant guide) Bill Hybels   E C 31400
Developing an Outreach Focused Church (4 videos & workbook)   E D 31500
Discover the Adventure of Evangelism!  Reach your Unreached Neighbors seminar kit   E D 31600
Evangelism Expressions ( 8 audio cassettes & outline)   E E 31700
Experience Revival by Thom Rainer & Michael Silva (notebook, video, personal guide) E E 31800
Evangelism Seminar - Nelson Searcy (3 CD's)  E E 31900
F.R.A.N.gelism (notebook & 4 audio cassettes)   E F 32000
Finding Them, Keeping Them by Gary McIntosh and Glen Martin (notebook, Book, 3 cassettes) E F 32100
Friend Day (notebook outline & 4 audio cassettes)   E F 32200
Get Ready for Company by Dr. Gary McIntosh (Workbook & 4 audio tapes)   E G 32300
How to Reach Unchurched Families in Your Community (6 audio cassettes & guide)   E H 32400
JESUS Home Video Package - ( 2 videos, resource manual & facilitator's guide)   E J 32500
Just Walk Across the Room - Audio tapes (6 CD's) E J 32600
Just Walk Across the Room - DVD and Leader's Guide E J 32700
Keeping in Touch (notebook)   E K 32800
Life Story of David Ring (1 video)   E L 32900
Living Proof by Jim Peterson (Workbook, 2 videos & Leader's Guide)   E L 33000
Love Thy Neighbor - 2 cassettes, 2 videos, Leader’s Guide   E L 33100
Neighborhood - Christmas Party Handbook - Guide and Participants Guide   E N 33200
Phone's for You (notebook, 1 video & 5 audio cassettes)   E P 33300
Reaching Your Community Through Servant Evangelism - Nelson Searcy (1 CD) E R 33400
Reaching your World through Witnessing Without Fear (Leader's guide, student workbook & 2 video tapes)   E R 33500
Special Ministries for Caring Churches (book)   E S 33600
Successful Soul Winning Kit (8 audio cassettes & outline)   E S 33700
Thomas Hermon Holiness Video Set (8 video set)   E T 33800
Unexpected Adventure (5 audio cassettes) Willow Creek   E U 33900
What I Really Need! by John Maxwell - (6 cassettes & outline)   E W 34000
White Unto Harvest – Book by Charles Arn E W 34100
Witnessing Without Fear--How to Share Your Faith with Confidence (book)   E W 34200
52 Ways to Teach Missions - Rainbow Publications - (book - activities for ages 4-12). M X 34300
A Cord of Three Strands-Honduras – WGM Video M A 34400
A Friend of God, The story of Joni Eareckson Tada (Flashcard lesson for ages 5-12) M A 34500
A Man for God’s Plan, A story of Jim Elliot - Gloria Repp (book with lesson plans and lesson visuals) M A 34600
A Wimpy Prophet – video – Ken Davis Live M A 34700
Against Great Odds – video about the African Christians that survive persecution M A 34800
American Indian Field – (Video) M A 34900
American Indian Field – WGM- (DVD) M A 35000
American Indian Field – WGM DVD (15:41 minutes) M A 35100
Amy Carmichael-The Irish missionary to India whose life and writings continue to touch the world. – Book M A 35200
Andrew Murray – The Missionary stateman who led revivals through an emphasis on the deeper spiritual life – Book M A 35300
Beyond the Next Mountain – video about the Hmar people M B 35400
Billy Grahm - Sam Wellman - (book) M B 35500
Bold for God-The Luis Palau Story – Lesson Book M B 35600
Brother Andrew – God’s Undercover Agent – Book M B 35700
Brother Andrew – video “God’s Smuggler” Talks openly over 40 years of anonymous service for Christ M B 35800
Building a Team-Argentina – WGM Video M B 35900
Candle in the Dark – video of William Carey M C 36000
Candle in the Dark-The Story of William Carey – Video M C 36100
Chariots of Fire – video about Eric Liddell M C 36200
Children’s Heros from Christian History – Video M C 36300
Children’s Heros from Christian History – Videos (3) M C 36400
Corrie Ten Boom - Flashcard story M C 36500
Corrie ten Boom – The beloved Dutch woman whose story was so powerfully portrayed in “The Hiding Place” – Book M C 36600
Cross and the Switchblade – video about the conversion of  gang leader Niky Cruz M C 36700
Dangerous Journey – Video M D 36800
David Livingstone – Missionary and Explorer - Book               M D 36900
Discovering with God, The story of Washington Carver (Flashcard story for children ages 5-12) M D 37000
Ee-Taow – DVD M E 37100
End of the Harvest – video A film with answers about eternal life M E 37200
Eric Liddell - Ellen Caughey - (book) M E 37300
Eric Liddell – The Scottish hero of the 1924 Paris Olympics whose story was portrayed in “Chariots of Fire” – Book M E 37400
Escape by Night The Exciting Adventure of Mui’s Flight from China-Lesson Packet M E 37500
Faith Promise Offerings – Book M F 37600
Faith Promise Why and How? – Book M F 37700
Fanny Crosby – The Story of the Blind Saint who wrote close to 9,000 Hymns-Book M F 37800
First Fruits – video about 2 young Moravians went to the slaves in the West Indies M F 37900
Good  Seed – video about Marianna Slocum and Florence Geridel M G 38000
Great Omission – Book M G 38100
Growing Songs for Children – CD M G 38200
Great Kid Mission - (reproducible activities for grades 1-6). M G 38300
Haitian American Ministries – WGM (DVD) M H 38400
Haitian American Ministry – (Video) M H 38500
His Best for God, The story of Eric Liddell - A flashcard lesson on dedication for children’s classes ages 5-12. M H 38600
Honduras Field Video – (Video) M H 38700
Honduras Field Video – WGM – (DVD) M H 38800
How To Be a World Class Christian – Book M H 38900
How to Get Your Congregation Involved in Missions - Book     M H 39000
Hudson Taylor – Book M H 39100
Hudson Taylor - Flashcard story of the Apostle to inland China          M H 39200
Hudson Taylor - Susan Martins Miller - (book) M H 39300
Hungary – WGM – (DVD) M H 39400
Hungary Field Video – (Video) M H 39500
I DARE - Five Part missionary series of the life of Amy Carmichael M I 39600
India – WGM DVD  M I 39700
It’s a Big, Big World - Book      M I 39800
Jim Elliot-“He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose” M J 39900
John and Betty Stam-The story of the young American missionaries who gave their lives for Christ and China.-Book      M J 40000
John Paton - Five part Flashcard Story about the Pioneer Missionary to the New Hebrides Islands.     M J 40100
John Paton-Frontier missionary of the South Pacific – Book M J 40200
June Pilot-Story of Nate Saint-Missionary To Ecuador - Book              M J 40300
Kenya Field Video – (Video) M K 40400
Kenya Field Video –WGM – (DVD) M K 40500
Law of Love – video of Jackie Pullinger M L 40600
Laying Down the Foundation – WGM Video M L 40700
Let the Nations Be Glad! The Supremacy of God in Missions – Book M L 40800
Madugu, A true missions story from Nigeria - Missiongram M M 40900
Mama Luke Comes Home – video of Dr. Helen Roseveare M M 41000
Martyrs’ Cry – video of 9 Christians from difference countries M M 41100
Mary Slessor – The story of the slim Scottish girl who dreamed of being a missionary to Africa – Book M M 41200
Mexican Field – WGM DVD (14:12) M M 41300
Mexico Field – (DVD) M M 41400
Mexico for Christ – WGM Video M M 41500
Mission – video about a South American Indian Tribe M M 41600
Missions in the 21st Century – Book M M 41700
Missions Made Exciting for Adults – Book M M 41800
Missions Made Fun for Kids - Elizabeth Whitney Crisci - (Workbook) M M 41900
Mother Teresa-Seeing The Face of Jesus – Video M M 42000
Obstacles to Comfort – Video of George Muller M O 42100
One Who Was Different - A flannelgraph lesson presenting Christ to children as the Son of God and Savior M O 42200
Paul the Emissary – video about the Apostle Paul M P 42300
Paul, God’s Servant – Lesson Tex and Flocked Visuals M P 42400
Peace Child – video of jungles of the Southwest Pacific M P 42500
Prayer Bear “Time to Pray” Vol. 4 – Video M P 42600
Pressing On a New Dream - The story of Dave Dravecky M P 42700
Right to Know – Task Force 1998 – WGM Video M R 42800
Ringu of India’s Forest - Five Part Flashcard M R 42900
Run, MA, Run - Five-Part Flashcard biography of Mary Slessor M R 43000
Stephen’s Test of Faith – Video M S 43100
Story of Eric Liddell – video M S 43200
Story of Jesus for Children – Video M S 43300
Taiwan – WGM DVD (11:41 minutes) M T 43400
Taking the Message – 1988 – WGM Video M T 43500
That We May Know Him- Kenya – Video M T 43600
Through the Gates of Splendor – video - South American Auca natives M T 43700
Uganda – WGM – (DVD) M U 43800
Uganda Field Video – (Video) M U 43900
Uganda:  A Pioneering Ministry-Video Montage Summer – WGM Video M U 44000
Wordless Book Visualized - Five flashcard Bible lessons for evangelistic outreach to children ages 5-12) M W 44100
We Treat Jesus Heals – Tenwek – WGM Video M W 44200
WGM in Paraguay – WGM Video M W 44300
William and Catherine Booth-Founders of The Salvation Army-Book M W 44400
William Carey –Cobbler, scholar, linquiest, botanist and missionary to India M W 44500
10 Steps to Breaking the 200 Barrier   (1 video & outline)   G X 44600
Beyond 200-Transitioning for Greater Impact  ( 8 cassettes & notebook)   G B 44700
Beyond 400-Transitioning for Greater Impact  ( 8 cassettes & notebook)   G B 44800
Bonsai Theory of Church Growth by Ken Hemphill (book)   G B 44900
Breaking Growth Barriers Workshop - Nelson Search - (5 CD's) G B 45000
Breaking the 125 Barrier - (CD Audio Teaching) G B 45100
Breaking the 125 Barrier - Nelson Searcy (1 CD) G B 45200
Breaking the 250 Barrier - (CD Audio Teaching) G B 45300
Breaking the 250 Barrier - Nelson Searcy (1 CD) G B 45400
Breaking the 500 Barrier - (CD Audio Teaching) G B 45500
Breaking the 500 Barrier - Nelson Searcy (1 CD) G B 45600
Breaking the 65 Barrier - (CD Audio Teaching) G B 45700
Breaking the 65 Barrier - Nelson Searcy (1 CD) G B 45800
Call of a Church Planter - Nelson Searcy (1 CD) G C 45900
Challenge 1000 by Dr. Dan Reiland and Dr. John Maxwell (6 audio tapes & guide)   G C 46000
Church Marketing - Breaking Ground for the Harvest - Book   G C 46100
Developing the Small Church's Potential (book)   G D 46200
Evangelism & Church Growth-Book, Elmer Towns   G E 46300
Growth for the Smaller Church (4 videos)   G G 46400
Growth for the Smaller Church-A Church Action Kit (2 videos, notebook, outline)   G G 46500
Helping the Small Church Grow Conference (12 audio cassettes)   G H 46600
How to Break Growth Barriers (Book)   G H 46700
How to Overcome Sunday School Growth Barriers - 3 audio cassettes, notebook & book  G H 46800
How to Turn Around Your Church - video   G H 46900
How to Turn Around Your Church by George Barna, 1 video   G H 47000
Large Church Operators Manual (notebook)   G L 47100
Let The Church Grow (notebook, text & audio cassette)   G L 47200
Look Back Leap Forward – Book   G L 47300
Making the Small Church Effective - Book   G M 47400
Model Ministry Manual by Dr. Dan Riemenschneider (notebook)   G M 47500
Multiple Services: A Strategy for Growth (notebook)   G M 47600
Music Ministry in the Larger Church (notebook)   G M 47700
Neighborhood Group Leader's Manual (notebook)   G N 47800
New Life for Dying Churches! by Rose Sims book, leaders guide & video   G N 47900
Phone's For You ( 5 cassettes, notebook, & 1 video)   G P 48000
Preaching That Speaks to Women – Alice P. Mathews – Book   G P 48100
Purpose Driven Church - (audio tapes) by Rick Warren   G P 48200
Releasing Your Church’s Potential (10 audio tapes & notebook)   G R 48300
Ripple Church - Book G R 48400
Six Keys to Church Growth - video   G S 48500
Six Keys to Church Growth (1 video)   G S 48600
Six Keys to Church Growth, John Maxwell, 1 video & outline   G S 48700
Small Church IS Different - Book   G S 48800
Starting a Second Service - Nelson Searcy (1 CD) G S 48900
Turn Around Strategies for the Small Church - Book   G T 49000
You Can Double Your Church in Five Years or Less - Josh Hunt - 5 videos   G Y 49100
You Can Double Your Class in Two Years - Book   G Y 49200
Your Church Can Grow (notebook)   G Y 49300
20/20 Vision - Book and Video A X 49400
Are You Turning Your Visitors Into Members – workbook and 4 audio cassettes A A 49500
Assimilation Seminar - Nelson Searcy (3 CD's)  A A 49600
Assimilation-Incorporating New People into The Life of Your Church ( 3 audio cassettes & outline) A A 49700
Biblical Teaching About Spiritual Gifts- 8 audio tapes A B 49800
Biblical Teaching of Spiritual Gifts (Injoy -8 audio cassette tapes) A B 49900
Building a Healthy Self- Concept – (Minirth & Meier) Video   A B 50000
Christian Counseling for Pastors and Laymen – (Minirth & Meier) Video A C 50100
Closing the Back Door (Thom Rainer, (4 audio cassettes and Guide) A C 50200
Empowering Church Volunteers…(Dr. Walter A. Lacey – 4 audio cassettes, workbook A E 50300
Finding Them, Keeping Them - Book, Notebook, 3 audio cassettes A F 50400
Idea Catalog for Single Adult Ministry (book) A I 50500
Looking for a Great Church? - Nelson Searcy (5 CD's) A L 50600
Make Your Move - 4 audio cassettes A M 50700
Making Disciples Through Mentoring – Workbook  and 4 audio cassettes A M 50800
Masterplan for Ministry (4 videos, Pastor Handbook, Ministry Guide) A M 50900
Ministry Descriptions - Notebook A M 51000
Ministry Skills for Small Group Leaders ( 8 audio cassettes & notebook) A M 51100
Network - 2 videos, Participant’s Guide, Leader’s Guide, Implementation Guide, A N 51200
Networking - Notebook A N 51300
Recruiting Volunteers in The Church-Resolve Your Recruiting Hassles (book) A R 51400
Seniors In Action - notebook A S 51500
Small Groups Make a Big Difference ( 3 audio cassettes & outline) A S 51600
Small Groups Seminar - Nelson Searcy (3 CD's)  A S 51700
Special Ministries for Caring Churchs – book A S 51800
Starting a Worship Arts Ministry from Scratch - (1 CD) A S 51900
Starting New Ministries (Renewing Existing Ministries) – CD A S 52000
Starting Small Groups in Your Church (10 audio cassettes & notebook outline) A S 52100
Sustaining Small Groups in Your Church ( 10 audio cassettes & notebook outline) A S 52200
TLC - Volume 1 - book A T 52300
TLC - Volume 3 - book A T 52400
Unlocking Your Sixth Suitcase (video, leader's guide & book) A U 52500
Ushers & Greeters ( 3 audio cassettes & outline) A U 52600
Vision Planning - (video by Stan Toler) A V 52700
Volunteer Ministries-New Strategies for Today's Church (book) A V 52800
Children’s Ministry Guide for Smaller Churches – Rick Chromey   H C 52900
Children’s Ministry Leadership – Book   H C 53000
Children’s Ministry That Works – Book   H C 53100
Children's Sermon's (Using the 5 Senses to Tell God's Story)    H C 53200
Growing Leader:  Healthy Essentials for Children’s Ministry – Book   H G 53300
Handicapped Children in The Church   H H 53400
Helping The Retarded to Know God   H H 53500
Humongous Book of Games – Book   H H 53600
I Have a Question About God.. (Bedtime Bible stories, published by Baptist Press)   H I 53700
Ideas for Teaching Children Creatively   H I 53800
Leadership Essentials for Children’s Ministry – Craig Jutila   H L 53900
Learning Disabled Child in Your Church School   H L 54000
Making Your Children’s Ministry the Best Hour of Every Kids Week – Book   H M 54100
Recruiting, Training & Developing Volunteer Children Workers   H R 54200
Staffing Your Children’s Ministry – Vernie Schorr & Wes Haystead   H S 54300
Train Up The Children   H T 54400
What Kids Need to Succeed   H W 54500
Designed to Disciple-The Mentor's Role in Developing Leaders (6 cassettes & notebook) W D 54600
Effective Ministry Management: Organizing Your Ministry for Growth- 6 cassettes & book W E 54700
Gentle Touch-Knowledge, Skills & Techniques for Women Counseling Women (6 cassettes & notebook) W G 54800
Heart After God-The Spiritual Formation of a Leader (6 cassettes) W H 54900
Heart to Heart with Pastor's Wives (book) W H 55000
Mentoring Women (12 cassettes and notebook) W M 55100
Operation Changed Lives-The Role of the Small Group Bible Study Leader (6 cassettes  W O 55200
Power of a Praying Woman (DVD, Participants Guide and Leader’s Guide) W P 55300
Woman After God’s Own Heart (DVD’s, CD’s, Participants Guide, and Leader’s Guide)   W W 55400
Churches that Pray - video tape P C 55500
Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough – Elmer Towns - Book   P F 55600
Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough - Nelson Searcy (1 CD) P F 55700
How to Build a Praying Church - Tom Lovorn (Notebook - 3 cassettes) P H 55800
One Hour With God (Notebook and Audio cassette) P O 55900
Pastor's Prayer Partners - John Maxwell (Notebook-6 cassettes-Video) P P 56000
Power of Prayer (Willow Creek - 7 Audio tapes) P P 56100
Prayerwalking Your Community - Nelson Searcy - DVD P P 56200
School of Prayer - 10 audio cassettes and seminar workbook P S 56300
Vertical - Communicating With God - Nelson Searcy (5 CD's)  P V 56400
Band Together– Ron Luce, 7 week Discipleship Leader & Student Guide Y B 56500
Battle Cry for a Generation - The Fight to Save America's Youth - Ron Luce Y B 56600
Battle for a Generation – Book Y B 56700
Christ Up Close  & Personal (DVD, Leaders Guide, The Truth Twisters book) Y C 56800
Dig In - Ron Luce, 7 week Discipleship Leader & Student Guide Y D 56900
DIVING DEEP – Experiencing Jesus Through Spiritual Disciplines – Leader’s Guide and Journals Y D 57000
I Don’t Listen to Lyrics – Book Y I 57100
Life on the Edge (video & workbook) Y L 57200
Love is Patient – (DVD)   Y L 57300
Move Out - Ron Luce, 7 week Discipleship Leader & Student Guide Y M 57400
NO! The Positive Answer (4 session videos, guide & outline) Y N 57500
Preparing for Adolescence-Dr. James Dobson (8 cassettes)   Y P 57600
Purpose Driven Youth Ministry Training Kit (1 video tape, Participants Guide, and Facilitator’s Guide) Y P 57700
Recruiting, Training & Developing Volunteer Youth Workers   Y R 57800
Rise Up! – Ron Luce, 7 week Discipleship Leader & Student Guide Y R 57900
Student Impact - (Vol. 1-6, Hardback book,) Y S 58000
Talk Sheets, 2 Volumes for High School Y T 58100
Talk Sheets, 3 Volumes for Junior High-Middle School Y T 58200
Talk Sheets, High School Psalms & Proverbs Y T 58300
True Lies – 2 videos Y T 58400
Truth Matters - Right and Wrong (3 videos, book and leader's guide) Y T 58500
Unfiltered - Total TV - 5 videos, Leader’s Guide Y U 58600
What If...? - 450 Thought Provoking Questions to Get Teenagers Talking Y W 58700
Would You Rather...? - 465 Proactive Questions to Get Teenagers Talking Y W 58800
Youth in Crisis (Josh McDowell 24 audio cassettes, Manual, Guide)  Y Y 58900
Youth Ministries- Thinking Big With Small Groups   Y Y 59000
Breakthrough Parenting - John Maxwell Promise Keepers in Atlanta - Video R B 59100
Bringing Up Kids Without Tearing Them Down - (2 videos, study guide & Leader's Guide) R B 59200
Crisis Care - Hope for the Hurting, Dr. Norman Wright (Workbook, Leader's Guide and  R C 59300
Dad, The Family Counselor-How to Help Your Children Feel Confident & Secure (Book) R D 59400
Desperate Sex Lives - Nelson Searcy ( 7 CD's)    R D 59500
Effective Parenting in a Defective World – (3 DVDs, Leader’s Guide, Course Guide, and Workbooks) R E 59600
Genesis Plan for Family Living (Joe Seaborn Leader’s Guide, Part. Guide 4 video tapes) R G 59700
Keeping Love Alive - (2 videos & Study Guide & Test) by Dr. David & Janice  Stoop R K 59800
Keeping the Promise (Dr. Kevin Leman 2 videos - 1 workbook) R K 59900
Loving, Lasting Relationships:  Forming solid enduring relationships based on sound biblical principles (2 Videos, leaders guide & outline) R L 60000
Making the Most of Your Marriage (Dr. Kevin Leman  Videos, Facilitator’s Guide, Participators Guide, DVD’s) R M 60100
Making the Most of Your Marriage by John Maxwell (1 video & outline)  R M 60200
Moms, Dads & Teenagers Too...,Life Together (Workbook & Video) R M 60300
Raising Kids Who Turn Out RIGHT, Tim Kimmel (2 videos, 2 cassettes, 1 CD, 1 workbook & 1 facilitator guide)  R R 60400
Roommates, Bad Dates & Great Mates - Nelson Searcy ( 6 CD's plus Bonus DVD) R R 60500
Roots to Grow, Wings to Fly:  The Fundamentals of Christian Parenting (2 videos, leaders guide & outline) R R 60600
Successful Single Parenting, Going It Along - (2 videos, leaders guide & outline) R S 60700