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Jeff & Sheri Easter

After thirty-three years of music and marriage, Jeff and Sheri continue to encourage hearts while setting a standard of excellence in the field of southern and country/bluegrass gospel music.  Traveling now with their daughter Morgan on vocals, Jeff and Sheri have a dynamic sound/stage presence with unbelievable family harmonies and an authentic ability to communicate a message of hope.

For Jeff and Sheri, gospel music is genetically programmed into their DNA.  As members of acclaimed musical families-Jeff’s father is one of the Easter Brothers, and Sheri’s mother is a member of the Lewis Family-they grew up surrounded by the sound of people praising God through their musical gifts.

In August of 1984, both were at the Albert E. Brumley Sundown to Sunup Gospel Singing in Arkansas.  Jeff, who was playing bass for the Singing Americans at the time, took the opportunity to reintroduce himself to Sheri’s mother, Polly; they had met on a previous occasion.  Polly introduced Jeff to Sheri, and the two were married ten months later.

They traveled and performed as part of the Lewis Family for several years.  But in 1988 they decided it was time to strike out on their own, and they haven’t looked back since.  Joining Jeff and Sheri on the road is their daughter Morgan singing harmonies, her husband, Landan Smith, who plays drums, Maura Grace, their youngest daughter, and cousin, Jared Easter on steel guitar, acoustic, mandolin and banjo.

Jeff and Sheri have been nominated for numerous Dove Awards and won nine.  They’ve also received multiple Grammy nominations, and Sheri has been named Singing News Favorite Alto eleven times and the Singing News Female Vocalist four times, in addition she has claimed 21 multi-genre industry voted female vocalist awards.  Jeff and Sheri’s wall of awards also includes three Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music Association Awards, two International Country Gospel Music Association Awards, nine Voice Awards for Christian Country Group, four Hearts Aflame Awards, and three Cash Box awards.  They also have participated in the Gaither Homecoming video series since 1993, which have sold over 20 million units.

Apart from their frequent appearances on the Gaither Homecoming tour and videos, Jeff and Sheri have a heavy touring schedule of their own.  “When we perform, we want people to leave a little different than when they came in,” Sheri explains.  “We want them to have a great time smiling, laughing, crying, and healing.  We want them to know God loves them and that He is in control,”


  • Singing News Fan Awards (2017) Young Artist:  Morgan Easter
  • 47th Annual Dove Award (2016) Country Album of the Year:  Smalltown Someone; and Country Song of the Year “Smalltown Someone”
  • Grammy Nomination (2011) Best Southern, Country, or Bluegrass Gospel Album:  Expecting Good Things
  • Grammy Nomination (1992) Best Southern Gospel Album:  Pickin’ the Best Live
  • 21st Annual Dove Award (1990) Country Album of the Year:  Heirloom
  • 30th Annual Dove Award (1999) Country Album of the Year:  Work in Progress
  • 33rd Annual Dove Award (2002) Country Recorded Song:  “Goin’ Away Party”
  • 40th Annual Dove Award (2009) Bluegrass Recorded Song:  “They’re Holding Up the Ladder”; and Bluegrass Album of the Year:  We Are Family, featuring the Lewis Family, the Easter Brothers, and Jeff & Sheri Easter
  • 41st Annual Dove Award (2010) Southern Gospel Song of the Year:  “Born to Climb”
  • 44th Annual Dove Award (2013) Country Album of the Year:  Eyes Wide Open
  • Singing News Fan Awards (1991-1997, 2001, 2002, 2004, & 2008) Favorite Female Alto:  Sheri Easter
  • Singing News Fan Awards (1995-1998) Favorite Southern Gospel Female: Sheri Easter
  • Singing News Fan Awards (2010) Horizon Individual:  Morgan Easter
  • National Quartet Convention (2012-2013) Alto Singer of the Year:  Sheri Easter
  • SGN Music Awards (2010) Musician of the Year:  Madison Easter
  • Absolutely Gospel Music Awards (2011-2012) Musician of the Year:  Madison Easter
  • Absolutely Gospel Music Awards (2012) Country Song of the Year:  “Hear My Heart”
  • Absolutely Gospel Music Awards (2013) Country Album of the Year:  Eyes Wide Open
  • Absolutely Gospel Music Awards (2014) Fan Favorite Artist of the Year and Special Event Project, Like Father Like Son (James & Jeff Easter)
  • Cash Box Awards (1989) Southern Gospel Female Vocalist and Southern Gospel New Female Vocalist:  Sheri Easter; and Southern Gospel Duo of the Year
  • The Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music in America (1987, 1989, 1990) Female Vocalist of the Year, Contemporary:  Sheri Easter
  • ICGMA (1994) Ms. ICGMA Georgia and Top Female Vocalist:  Sheri Easter
  • The Voice (1990, 1992-1998, 2000) Female Vocalist of the Year:  Sheri Easter
  • The Voice (1996-1997) Christian Country Group
  • The Voice (1994) Christian Country Song:  “No Limit”
  • The Voice (1996) Christian Country Song:  “Let the Little Things Go”
  • The Voice (1997) Christian Country Song:  “Ever Since I Gave My Heart to You”
  • Gospel Line Fan Pick Awards (2001) Mixed Group
  • SGM FanFair/USGN Fan Awards (2006) Favorite Duet
  • SGM FanFair/USGN Fan Awards (2005, 2006) Favorite Alto:  Sheri Easter
  • SGN Scoops Diamond Awards (2005, 2007, 2011, 2013) and Duet (2008) Female Vocalist:  Sheri Easter
  • SGN Scoops Diamond Awards (2003) Bluegrass Gospel Artist
  • SGN Scoops Diamond Awards (2010) Christian Country Group of the Year and Bluegrass Gospel Artists of the Year; (2011) Mixed Group of the Year; (2012) Favorite Song, “Hear My Heart”
  • Southern Gospel News (2004) Special Event Project of the Year and Female Group of the Year:  Best of Friends:  Joyce Martin, Karen Peck Gooch, & Sheri Easter
  • Hearts Aflame Awards (1995) Album of the Year:  Thread of Hope; and Song of the Year:  “Thread of Hope”
  • Hearts Aflame Awards Concept Video of the Year:  Let the Little Things Go
  • #1 Cash Box (November 18, 1989):  “You’ll Reap What You Sow
  • #1 CCM Update Inspirational Song (June 7, 1989):  “Prayer Warrior” (Heirloom)
  • #1 Southern Gospel Insight (June 10, 1991):  “I Wonder If He Ever Cries”
  • #1 Christian Country (April-September 1993):  “There Is a Way”
  • #1 CCM Christian Country“Singing in My Soul”
  • #1 Gospel Voice (February 2001):  “We’re Not Gonna Bow”
  • #1 Power Source Christian Country (August 1999):  “Been There, Done That”
  • #1 Southern Notes (December 1994):  “Thread of Hope”
  • #1 US Gospel News“Praise His Name”
  • #1 Singing News (February 2007):  “Over and Over”; (April 2010):  “Born to Climb”; and (October 2016) “Smalltown Someone”
  • #1 Solid Gospel (2010) Song of the Year:  “I Need You More Today”

In addition, over the past thirty-two years, Jeff and Sheri have produced over sixty Top 20 songs, received numerous Dove and Grammy Award nominations, and acquired various merits for outstanding character, humanitarian efforts, and charitable giving.

  • Jeff & Sheri custom version of The Adventure Bible, Zondervan Bible Publishers (1991)
  • Cover appearances on Singing News, US Gospel News, and Homecoming magazines
  • Appearances on TNN’s Nashville Now, Music City Tonight, The Grand Ole Opry, Trinity Broadcasting Network, Gospel Music Channel, Daystar, Inspirational Network and RFD-TV’s The Marty Stuart Show, and Larry’s Country Diner
  • Appearance on the television series Touched by an Angel, “Shallow Water Part I & Part II”-Sheri in the role of Kay Winslow as part of Bill Gaither’s Homecoming artists
  • Regulars on Bill Gaither’s Homecoming video series since 1993 and live tour dates since 1992
  • Southern Gospel Music Association-Sheri Easter, board member
  • Southern Gospel Songwriters’ Association—Sheri Easter
  • Sheri has authored four books, Hear My Heart, Eyes Wide Open Devotional Series—Volume I, II & III
  • Hosts of INSP’s series Gospel Music Southern Style (2010)
  • Established The Lewis Family Homeplace Restoration Project and concert series, an organization honoring the legacy of The Lewis Family.


  • 1987 New Tradition
  • 1988 Homefolks
  • 1988 Heirloom (Sheri with Candy Hemphill Christmas and Tanya Goodman Sykes)
  • 1989 Picture Perfect Love
  • 1990 Brand New Love
  • 1991 Shining Through
  • 1992 Pickin’ the Best Live
  • 1993 The Gift
  • 1994 Thread of Hope
  • 1995 Silent Witness, and the compilation project By Request
  • 1996 Places in Time
  • 1997 Sheri (solo)
  • 1998 Work in Progress
  • 1999 Sittin’ on Cloud Nine
  • 2000 Ordinary Day, and the compilation project Through the Years
  • 2001 It Feels Like Christmas Again
  • 2002 My Oh My
  • 2003 Forever and a Day
  • 2003 Best of Friends (Sheri with Karen Peck Gooch and Joyce Martin)
  • 2004 Sunshine
  • 2005 Miles & Milestones
  • 2006 Life Is Great & Gettin’ Better
  • 2008 We Are Family (Jeff & Sheri with the Easter Brothers & the Lewis Family)
  • 2008 Mayberry Live
  • 2010 Expecting Good Things
  • 2010 Live at Oak Tree Studios
  • 2011 Silver (A Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Celebration)
  • 2012 Eyes Wide Open
  • 2013 Living With Eyes Wide Open
  • 2014 Like Father Like Son (James & Jeff Easter)
  • 2015 Small Town (Celebrating 30 Years of Music & Marriage)
  • 2017 Sing It Again (A Collection of Favorites)

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